Our family’s history is the story of many generations of wine growers with a real passion for their vineyards and wines. Oral memory is the only resource we have, which takes back to the early 20 th century in Ablitas, Navarra, where my great-grandfather Ricardo Agramonte – known locally as “Rebote” – produced wine at a small family winery on the ground floor of his house. The wine was christened “REBOTE”.

We are convinced that our vines do not actually belong to us, they are our heritage, passed down to us to conserve for future generations.

These days, the way we understand wine hasn’t altered from that vision of relaxation and friendship that our forebears had, where wine was and still is essentially a great pleasure, one made to share.
Thus was born Ubeta, the dream of a family who wanted to produce wines of the very highest quality, maintaining age-old family vines while returning others to their former glory. A legacy that had almost been lost among the neglect and the desire to move ever forward.

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